Soothing Superfood Anti-inflammatory Moisturizer

Gaining a knowledge of what goes on your skin is just as important as being mindful of what you eat.  Your skin is your largest organ and anything you put on it will be absorbed.   To my dismay, I have a food sensitivity to coconut.  It is obvious that if you are allergic to something internally, you shouldn’t use it externally.   I think I was purposefully ignorant that this also applied to food sensitivities.  For a food sensitivity, you need to remove it for at least 90 days before systematically reintroducing it into your diet.  This helps you determine if it is something that needs to be avoided forever, or if it can be reintroduced eventually.  If you want to read more about food sensitivities and testing, check out this post.

Many natural and holistic skin care products contain some form of coconut.  Coconut is an amazing plant and has so many healing properties, so it should be used by many.  For those of us who need to avoid it, there aren’t a lot of products out there to use.  I did my research of what oils would be best for my skin.  I have relatively “normal” skin and what I mean by that is it couldn’t be classified as “oily” or “dry” or “mature” (yet).   I tend to have some redness in my skin which can be aggravated by unhealthy and inflammatory food choices or the wrong skin care.  Sometimes I have blackheads or break out on my T-zone.  In the winter, my cheeks tend to get dry, but heavy oils are too much.  I need something that will sink in and absorb well.

Argan oil is easily absorbed and non-greasy.  Check!  It is also high in vitamin E and it hydrates and softens the skin (and hair).  It is non-irritating and gentle so most skin types can benefit.

Raw cacao butter is a superfood that can be used to make delicious chocolates, can be added to a matcha latte, and of course, can go on your skin!  It  prevents dryness and peeling.  It is highly recommended for eczema or dermatitis and is anti-inflammatory.  It is possibly anti-aging as well, and that’s always a crowd pleaser.

Lavender is gentle and relaxing and acts as a gentle astringent.  I love the smell of lavender.  I also like the taste, so I use it often in my dishes.  More on that later.

Patchouli is not everyone’s favorite smell.  My mother associates it with teenagers covering up the smell of marijuana in the 1960’s.  I personally love the smell and it pairs well with the gentle scent of pure lavender.  Patchouli is also anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and an astringent.  Patchouli for everyone!

This moisturizer recipe can be used by all skin types and is gentle enough for every day use.  It is non-irritating for sensitive skin.  Can be saturated for problem areas like if you suffer from wedding ring dermatitis or patches of eczema.


Soothing Superfood Anti-inflammatory Moisturizer (for all skin types)

1 1/2 Tablespoons raw organic cacao butter

1 Tablespoon organic argan oil

6 drops organic lavender essential oil

5 drops organic patchouli essential oil


Slowly melt the cacao butter in a sauce pan or double boiler.  Remove from the heat and stir in the argan oil and essential oils.  Pour into a small mason jar or jelly jar and seal with a tight fitting lid.  Allow to solidify at room temperature.  Label with the date made.  Will be best within 1-2 months.

Welcome! I'm Laura. I'm married to my best friend and musical partner. We are learning how to raise two tiny humans together. I became interested in holistic living in college and further when I worked at Whole Foods Market in the Whole Body department. I learned so much about eating a healthy, well-balanced, diet as well as good about nutritional supplements, herbs, and holistic body care. love food and I believe that healthy food should still be delicious. I graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition with Honors in 2016. I am a natural birth instructor via The Bradley Method and I love teaching couples about natural birth and preparing for such a pivotal and important time in their lives.

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