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Former athlete: starting over

Former athlete: starting over

Once upon a time I was an athlete.  A lot of things in life changed and my priorities got rearranged.  Then I had a baby.  Then another baby.  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve actually been an athlete, but whenever I go back to […]

IgG and Me

IgG and Me

IgG tests. Have you heard of them?  If you have food sensitivities, you probably have.  Either way, I’m about to share what they are and my experiences with two kinds.   An IgG test is an immunoglobulin test.  Its purpose is to measure the level […]

sneaky spinach waffles

sneaky spinach waffles

I make green waffles. And pancakes. And my friends think I’m strange. I am. But let me explain myself…


We give kids bright green popsicles and neon pink candy and we eat red velvet cake, so why should it be unexpected or strange to serve green waffles? Woo! Green waffles! How fun! (I think it’s partially about how you spin it.)


When I was growing up, we drank green milk on St Patrick’s day. That involved some green food dye and a cup of milk. At my house, we celebrate st Patrick’s day all week/ (sort of all year) because there are too many fun green recipes for only one day.


I like to make green pancakes and waffles. Like I said before, I get bewildered responses from friends. Remember the old phrase, “don’t knock it till you try it.” I’ve converted many to my green waffle ways.


Any way you can slip a vegetable into something unexpected is fun in my book. (It also makes me feel a little better about eating waffles and pancakes.) But you can feel pretty darn good about eating waffles without grain, dairy, or refined sugar especially when there’s dark leafy greens involved.


I have a favorite vegan and grain free pancake recipe, but recently, I’ve become smitten with the brand Simple Mills and their grain free products. (This is not sponsored by the way, I just like them.). Anything that saves a step, but maintains the healthy integrity is A-OK to this mama of two. I like to Doctor up a lot of my meals, so I’ll share the recipe for how I make this delicious paleo mix into antioxidant packed plant strong waffles.

I’m sharing the recipe for the whole box because I like to just make everything at once and have leftovers.


Sneaky Spinach Paleo Waffles
2/3 cup of coconut milk
2 cups baby spinach
5 eggs
3 tablespoons melted coconut oil
1 box Simple Mills almond flour pancake & waffle mix
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
1/8 cup ground flax seed

Blend the spinach with the coconut milk until fully combined.
Whisk the eggs. Add the wet ingredients first followed by the mix, flaxseed meal, and blueberries.

Heat waffle iron and spray with coconut oil spray

Cook those waffles in accordance with your waffle maker.

You can put whatever you want on top, but I’m partial to berries & So Delicious coconut whipped topping in the summertime.


Green waffles for all! Seriously, you will be surprised how many people you can convert. 💚

zucchini bread for everyone

zucchini bread for everyone

Summer is all about sunshine, swimming, and squash!  I don’t do enough of the swimming lately, but the squash is something I’m all about on the daily.  I like to put zucchini in my smoothies, we use it as pasta or “zoodles”, and of course, […]

the 80/20 rule

the 80/20 rule

Hello beautiful people.  Today I want to talk about this thing called the “80/20” rule.  Some of you have may heard of it and just gone along with the person who was talking about it- “yeah, yeah. sure, sure.  80/20.” and then just actually be […]

less noise, more joy.

less noise, more joy.

Hi everyone.  I’m glad you are here!  My name is Laura. I’m a health nut and a mindful mama of 2.  I’m many more things, but mostly, I’m a child of the King.  I want to write about my purpose on this earth, how I go about that, and how I will continue to grow.

God has put holistic, simple living on my heart and it’s an exciting journey. I’m still learning new and better ways to put things aside and to seek Him first.   My goal is to get rid of the clutter and the noise and to focus on bringing Heaven to earth as I try to walk in obedience.

Back in college, oh so many years ago…(just kidding it was  only 7-11 years ago), I was studying operatic vocal performance.  We had a master class one day where the teacher said, “You will never be a perfect singer. You are never done learning. There is always work to do.”  This concept resonated with me and has stuck with me ever since. It applies to so much more in life than just singing.

Our health journey isn’t perfection from day one. It’s a learning process. And we’re never going to be perfect!  I’m still going to eat too much sugar sometimes.  I’m going to be have an unbalanced diet sometimes.  I’m not always going to be consistently bitten by the fitness bug.

I’m never going to be a perfect mother…(can I get some hallelujah hands?)

I’m never going to be a perfect person.  But perfection isn’t the goal, and thank God I don’t have to be perfect cuz he already has that covered.

My desire is to get the clutter out of my way and to be able to hear His calling for my day to day life and for my future as it unfolds. To walk in obedience and to live simply, holistically, abundantly, and beautifully. To live with purpose, with grace, and with joy.

I’ll be sharing healthy recipes, holistic beauty tips, and mama stuff.  I’ll be breaking some of these things down and filling in my journey. I’ll be writing about what I have learned and am learning.

The underlying goal in all of this is simplicity in order to take some of the stress out of life and to be able to focus on living with gratitude and purpose.

I’m so glad you’ve found this blog and I’m excited to share my journey, to share some tips on holistic living, and to keep growing.  Thank you for reading. 🖤





Photo by Wendy Hickok Photography